WHO  I AM  ?

Hi ! My name is Gabriel, I`m from Romania and I owe most to my ability to connect with people.

 I hesitate to label myself as a photographer as I am constantly evolving. In fact rather than my style being documentary, alternative, reportage or fine art, in one day I can be any or all of the above.

The consistency comes through how I show your story and my ability to flex and yield according to the moments on the day.

I am very passionate to create atmospheric and handcrafted wedding photography for your special day.

For me, your moments are essential as it has the power to travel you back to the time as if this is your first smile, laugh, touch and kiss as husband and wife.

 Creative that is conceptually interesting and visually stunning capturing your wedding day as it unfolds. Pure emotions, raw moments and the love between the two of you. My wish is to give you captured memories that will take you back to all the joyous moments of your wedding day, each and every time you’ll look at them.


What sets me apart from others is the way I approach photography. I shoot weddings honestly, quietly and from a distance. I believe in being honest, in being vulnerable and in telling real stories. Most people I shoot feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. I’m one of those people too, so I’ve found my way around it.

Let’s get to know each other better.


During weddings I am an observer, working unobtrusively in the background. I capture the events as they unfold, the story as it plays out naturally.

During portraits, I direct you in a natural & real way to create genuine emotion. I ask nothing more than for you to have fun, be yourselves. Spending your time together is what it’s really about.

I am genuinely intrigued by the emotional essence of human beings, and strive to capture that in my imagery. I strive to show your inner being; your true, genuine essence and capture the way your souls bind together. To capture the moments and interactions that might otherwise go unnoticed, the ones that show your identity. I aim to capture an innovative and genuine picture of your identity through images that are compelling, interesting and artistic. My goal is to give you a collection of timeless images that fully capture your story, and continue to take you back to those moments from now until forever.


 Fascinated by people, drawn by light. What I really love is the spontaneous. The true story. You being you. That’s where real beauty lies, waiting to be discovered and documented. I love when everything aligns for the perfect shot. Seeing you through the lens in that fraction of a second before pushing the button gives me a boost of happiness. Those moments are gifts. And we never forget that what is essential is invisible to the eye.


 Exploring, dreaming, riding a bike, playing games, reading..


What inspires me the most is the human being, people sharing love, unknown persons in the street, light, nature, music, great stories, simplicity, all things beautiful and God.


 I love to photograph everything with a laid back feeling. I’m not a traditional, I love everything creative, freeminded, DIY, bohemian, flowerish, from farm to field, …My eyes start to twinkle when I feel the sparkle between two people, my hearts starts beating when I see a wedding with lots of special personal touches.I like the honest, adventurous, crazy creative kinda people, because, that’s how I am as well!


 Weddings should not be photoshoots. For this reason I encourage a handful of group shots including one large shot of everyone at the wedding (and of course lots of confetti). The best group shots are informal, intimate and full of fun.


I take photographs when people are at their most natural. I think if people are forced into poses or staged with hands neatly arranged and everyone looking at the camera it just looks awkward and cheesy. The less posed and staged photographs there are the more time there will be for emotional readings, crazy dancing, human pyramids, bad jokes, good vibes and plenty of hugs.


At some point in the day I suggest you have take a walk together. It is here I will capture the two of you alone – a chance to take it all in, catch your breath and to feel the most in love you have ever felt. You will be totally present in the moment. You won’t remember me, just each other. You will feel powerful, sexy and romantic and it will show.

So you’ve read about me  and how I work

Can`t wait to talk about your dreams !